About Us

Come experience our unique apart' hotel accommodation.

Daily Suites was established in year 2016 when both founders discuss about shortage of unique accommodation for business travelers and tourists and oversupply of completed high rise buildings. The birth of Daily Suites is to revolutionize apartment living with an innovative modern concept combining the services of a hotel with apartment livability with sizable functional spaces.

Both founders recognize the changing consumer lifestyle whereby the trend is leaning towards the apartment hotel living as one of the preferred accommodation choice as compared to the conventional hotel set up. We want our guests to experience fast check in via our mobile app which will be launched very soon to ease the check in and check out time. Furthermore, we mainly focus on corporate business travelers by signing contracts with SME and MNC companies for maximum of 30 nights or more. There is a shortage of such accommodation provider as most corporate companies were not able to find an apartment to rent if the contract is less than a year, this is where Daily Suites aim to fit in so that anyone looking for a properly managed fully furnished apartment with services on par with hotel for a day, a week, a month or longer with an all-inclusive bill for utilities, TV, high speed internet,housekeeping, and concierge services can come to Daily Suites. We offer services and all of our apartment designs are rated 4 Star at an affordable pricing.

Daily Suites work hand in hand with developers who provides GRR to their buyers, at the same time, if the building is near to completion we can also work with developers to connect us with home buyers directly. Usually we will rent back the units and then we will manage it as apartment hotel. Every building is designed in a unique and tasteful proposition that blends in with the building theme. This in return will indirectly benefit the overall building price appreciation and home buyers gets their rental on time monthly.

Daily Suites strive to be the trend setter as one of the leading apartment hotel accommodation provider by year 2022 with our aggresive expansion before we IPO the company by 2022.

"A feeling of euphoria experienced when stepping in to any of our Daily Suites apartment hotel" is what we aim to achieve.